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Jim Vick Auto Sales — A Local Icon   
Originally printed by The South Coast Shopper
Written By Lisa Carroll

There are few people in the area who have not heard of Jim Vick Auto Sales. Since 1972, Jim Vick has worked hard to create an honorable
name for himself in the business.

Jim left the Army in 1961 and started work in auto service, and then the parts department, before moving into sales. In 1972, he bought his
first dealership, that being the Chevy-Buick dealership in Reedsport. Clearly, once Jim found his niche, he really held onto it. The past
President of the Oregon Auto Dealers Association from the 1970’s to the early 1980’s, Jim tells me he has been in the business for so long it’s
all he knows. And he knows it well. 

Jim Vick of Jim Vick Auto Sales in North Bend Oregon  
 Jim Vick is a well established presence   in Coos County who has made helping folks find a good car his life’s work.

 He started his used car dealership back in 1994 and is still going strong. Jim is respected for his
  honest dealings within the community to help people find the automobile that is right for them. I
  asked Jim what he liked about owning his own used car business. “I like it that I don’t have
  to mess around with factory middlemen. I like to work directly with people. I’ve helped finance
  a lot of people. I am my own boss, and I get to call the shots.”Jim says while it was worth
  it for him to go into business for himself, it is not for the faint of heart.I asked him for the advice
  he has for those who are thinking of going into business on their own.“You’ve got to be willing
  to put a lot of time in it, and do a lot of hard work. You need excellent people  working for you that
  you know you can trust.”

Which brings us to Ron Sparks, the latest person to join the sales team at Jim Vick Auto Sales. Ron and Jim go back a long way. Ron
started his auto sales career back in the 1980’s working at Jim Vick Southwest Motors. “It’s great to be here again,” says Ron. “I started
my sales career with working with Jim Vick, and hopefully I can retire with him too!” Jim enthusiastically welcomes Ron back into the fold.
“He’s a happy, friendly guy. I’m glad to have him back” says Jim. A hardworking man who really enjoys helping people, Jim Vick is sincere
when he says “If I can’t save you money I don’t deserve your business.”



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